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Winning the Year 2000 Game!!!

The Rules of the Game - Project 2000

The object of the game is to become year 2000 compliant without any disruption to your business. Project 2000 is a four-phased, structured, proprietary Year 2000 methodology (developed by Harvard, Porter & Associates). This methodology logically progresses from discovery and analysis, through testing and implementation

IMRI brings a combination of skills, tools, methodologies and resources to each phase that are designed to support your staff and make sure your organization wins the game.

What makes Project 2000 different?

Project 2000 addresses the Year 2000 date change issue from a unique perspective. We use economic models to test the size, complexity and assumptions prior to restructuring.

These tools enable the client to determine the best course of action, based on solid information. These choices can be made before any changes to programs and system begin.

The year 2000 represents a significant business exposure and cost containment challenge. Critical to the success of the year 2000 effort is the ability to measure and monitor costs, resources and time required to complete the project.

Phases of Project 2000:

Phase One: Identify, Analyze and Estimate

The detailed work done in Phase One sets the stage for the rest of the Project 2000. In the initial phase, economic models are used to determine the size and scope of changes required to become Year 2000 Compliant. Components of Phase One include:

  • Pilot Assessment
  • Inventory and Classify
  • Analyze Code
  • Perform Exposure Modeling

Phase Two: Develop, Plan and Schedule

Phase Two develops and validates the Game Plan for the Project 2000 team. Client staff work closely with IMRI's team to identify all systems and sub-systems that will need to be converted for the year 2000. Planning and scheduling components of Phase Two include the following areas:

  • Staff Resources
  • Computer Resources
  • Staging
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Training
  • Implementation

Phase Three: Restructure Programs and Files

Phase Three contains is the most significant in terms of costs, risks and time resources required. In order to make this phase as efficient as possible, IMRI uses an array of tools and techniques designed to simplify the process and minimize manual effort. Several options will be chosen by the client, including one or more of the following courses of action:

  • Re-structure systems and/or programs
  • Re-develop systems and/or programs
  • Re-deploy resources
  • Package implementation options
  • Out-source to vendor
  • Dismantle systems and/or programs

Phase Four: Test and Implement

  • Test and re-test plan
  • Convert data
  • Train staff
  • Quality control and review
  • Implement changes

Phase Five:

Win the Year 2000 Game -> Collect Your Bonus!!! cross the finish line


IMRI is accepting applications from government and private industry for Project 2000.

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