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Overleaves of Places and Organizations

Major thanks to Emily Baumbach for permission to use information from Celebrities, Volume I - January, 1996, (see books for ordering information)

The overleaves listed are the predominant influences.

  • Organizations and Religions
  • Countries and Places
  • Organizations and Religions:

    • Buddhism. Perspective: Relating
    • Corporate America (generally). Perspective: Competing
    • Evangelists (generally). Perspective: Learning, Attitude: Spiritualist
    • Government Agencies (generally). Perspective: Learning
    • Greenpeace. Perspective: Relating
    • Knights of Columbus. Perspective: Learning
    • Ku Klux Klan. Perspective: Learning
    • Marxist Theory. Perspective: Relating
    • National Rifle Assn.. Perspective: Learning
    • PTA (Parent/Teacher Associations). Perspective: Learning
    • Quakerism (Society of Friends). Perspective: Relating
    • Rotary Club. Perspective: Learning
    • Sierra Club. Perspective: Relating
    • Unitarianism. Perspective: Relating

    Countries and Places

    • Algeria. Perspective: Competing
    • Argentina. Perspective: Learning
    • Australia (tribal). Perspective: Surviving
    • Australia. Perspective: Competing
    • Austria. Perspective: Relating
    • Bahrain. Perspective: Competing
    • Bali. Perspective: Relating
    • Bangladesh. Perspective: Learning
    • Belgium. Perspective: Relating
    • Borneo (tribal). Perspective: Surviving
    • Brazil. Perspective: Learning
    • Cambodia. Perspective: Learning
    • Canada. Perspective: Competing
    • Caribbean Islands. Perspective: Learning
    • Central America. Perspective: Learning
    • China. Perspective: Learning
    • Costa Rica. Perspective: Learning
    • Cuba. Perspective: Relating
    • Czechoslovakia. Perspective: Teaching
    • Denmark. Perspective: Relating
    • Egypt. Role: Server, Perspective: Relating
    • England. Role: Scholar, Perspective: Relating
    • England (London). Role: Sage, Perspective: Relating
    • Ethiopia (tribal). Perspective: Surviving
    • Europe (Eastern). Perspective: Competing
    • Finland. Perspective: Relating
    • France. Perspective: Competing
    • Germany (East & West). Perspective: Competing
    • Greece. Perspective: Relating
    • Haiti. Perspective: Learning
    • Holland (Amsterdam). Perspective: Relating
    • Hong Kong. Perspective: Competing
    • Iceland. Perspective: Teaching
    • India. Perspective: Learning
    • Indonesia. Perspective: Learning
    • Iran. Perspective: Learning
    • Iraq. Perspective: Learning
    • Ireland. Perspective: Learning
    • Irian Jaya (tribal). Perspective: Surviving
    • Israel. Perspective: Competing
    • Italy. Perspective: Relating
    • Japan. Perspective: Competing, Center: Intellectual
    • Kuwait. Perspective: Competing
    • Laos. Perspective: Learning
    • Lebanon. Perspective: Relating
    • Libya. Perspective: Learning
    • Malaysia. Perspective: Learning
    • Mexico. Role: Artisan, Perspective: Competing
    • Middle East. Perspective: Learning
    • New Guinea (tribal). Perspective: Surviving
    • New Zealand. Perspective: Relating
    • Norway. Perspective: Relating
    • Oman. Perspective: Competing
    • Pakistan. Perspective: Competing
    • Peru. Perspective: Relating
    • Poland. Perspective: Relating
    • Polish Rulers. Perspective: Competing
    • Portugal. Perspective: Learning
    • Russia. Perspective: Relating
    • Russian Leaders. Perspective: Competing
    • Saudi Arabia. Perspective: Competing
    • Singapore. Perspective: Competing
    • South Africa (Black). Perspective: Relating
    • South Africa (White). Perspective: Learning
    • South America. Perspective: Learning
    • South America (Amazon Basin). Perspective: Surviving
    • South Korea. Perspective: Competing
    • Spain. Perspective: Competing
    • Sri Lanka. Perspective: Surviving
    • Sudan (tribal). Perspective: Surviving
    • Sweden. Perspective: Relating
    • Switzerland. Perspective: Teaching
    • Syria. Perspective: Competing
    • Taiwan. Perspective: Competing
    • United Arab Emirates. Perspective: Competing
    • United States (generally). Role: Warrior, Perspective: Shifting from Competing to Relating
    • United States (Cambridge, Massachusetts). Perspective: Relating
    • United States (Florida Keys). Perspective: Teaching
    • United States (Northern California). Perspective: Relating
    • United States (Washington State).  Perspective: Relating
    • United States (Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico). Perspective: Teaching
    • United States (Southern California). Perspective: Competing
    • Vietnam. Perspective: Competing
    • West Africa (Ghana). Perspective: Learning
    • West Africa (Ivory Coast). Perspective: Learning
    • West Africa (Liberia). Perspective: Learning
    • West Africa (Nigeria). Perspective: Learning
    • Yemen. Perspective: Competing
    • Yugoslavia. Perspective: Relating


    * Caveat: The teachers of this system do not always agree on the personality traits of famous people or places, so use this information like anything else - validate it for yourself and use it as a source of study, not as absolute truth.  

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