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The Michael Teachings / Personality Game - An OverviewEarth from space (public domain image)

What are the "Michael Teachings"? 

Our name for this system is "The Personality Game" - a fun way to learn about yourself and others.  

Be kind to each other, for these teachings mean nothing without agape.  . . . Michael 

The name "Michael" is simply one way to name a system of personality understanding (or "teaching").  It has no real significance other than to make it known in some definitive way.

This teaching is not a belief system and is not meant to be taken at face value.  It does not require belief to be valid.

It does ask that you validate it for yourself. You decide what parts you can use and what parts you cannot.

With the knowledge of this system, you can choose whether to operate from the positive parts of your personality - or from the negative parts of your personality.  When you come from the positive parts, you are acting out of true personality.  That is how your essence (or your inner being) can grow and express itself.  When you come from the negative parts, you are acting out of false personality.  This is deception, and results in more struggle and strife to accomplish your purpose.

Before you can accept others, you must learn to accept yourself.

It is a universal law that you can only love others to the degree that you are able to love yourself.  So, in this teaching, you begin by studying yourself.  Through this process, you develop a greater understanding of yourself - and of the challenges and agreements you have set out to fulfill in this lifetime.  Through this process, you can develop a greater tolerance toward yourself and attain the balance that allows you to act as appropriately as possible and to actualize your fullest potential.

The written word becomes carved in stone.  Please do not "believe" what we have written here, but check it out for yourself.  And once you have mastered it, let it go (adapted from The Michael Handbook and Michael: The Basic Teachings)

Evolution of the Michael Teachings

Many modern schools of philosophy and psychology represent facets of this system. Readers of Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung, Eric Erikson and Sigmund Freud will find a ring of familiarity (particularly in the use of archetypes).  Elements of this system were taught by George Gurdjieff, P.D. (Peter) Ouspensky and Rodney Collin.  Many of the underlying tenets resonate with Eastern philosophy, especially Sufism.

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moving michaelangelo connecting hands The Michael Teachings on the Internet

World Wide Web graphic Internet Resources

  • The Personality Game - A Practical Personality System (also known as the "overleaves" - the foundation of the system)
  • The Game Board (overleaf chart) (in color).  
  • The Game Board (Overleaf chart) - downloadable in PDF format (color and black/white pages)  
  • Rules to Play - Playing the Personality Game
  • Famous People - Personality traits of famous people, places, organizations and countries
  • Michael Math - Numbers - Overview of the Number Qualities
  • Michael Math - Sample - Understanding "Michael Math" with examples
  • Michael Math - Forms - Understanding "Michael Math" with fill-in-the blanks form.
  • Advanced Michael Math - The Casting and Entity Numbering System, Global Jobs and Community Responsibility
  • People Net - Graphic of Michael "centers" (large graphic)
  • Spirituality - 7 Principles of Spirituality in the Workplace
  • Cosmology of the Michael Teaching - an overview of the Michael Teachings (Stephen Cocconi) http://www.themichaelteaching.com/cosmology.html 
  • Yahoo: Faiths & Practices (Michael Teachings)
  • The Michael Interviews: Practical Wisdom from an Enlightened Perspective video #1 - "Michael on Michael" - video from Dream Traveller Productions, PO Box 691, Zephyr Cove, NV 89448  $29.95 + $4.95 shipping.  [Note: This contact seems to be out of date and we do not currently have a way to reach the creator of the video.]
  • Wikipedia (The Wikipedia article on the Michael Teachings has been edited the point of destroying any semblance of usefulness in our opinion.)   
  • Custom Wish Boxes and tiles - make great gifts for the special people in your life. 
  • Description, outline and handouts from a 7-week class "Creating Your Own Life" using visioning techniques to help understanding the different personality Roles and how they affect our lives.  This class was taught March-April 2007 and is being made available for the first time publicly in  April 2010.  The material is copyrighted; please contact the author if you would like to use it.  
  • Michael Tarot - created by Stephen Cocconi www.michaeltarot.com
  • Videos explaining the Soul Ages by Danny Searle on Youtube.com 
  • Video explaining the Michael Teachings by Dave Gregg on Youtube.com
Donate to the Center for Michael Teachings, Inc. - a non-profit organization supporting the expansion of the Michael Teachings 

Or, send email to CenterforMichaelTeachings [at] gmail.com. 

book graphic  Books

world wide web - articles Articles

  Personality Role Quizzes

  Michael Teachers

The major Michael teachers are listed below.  Some of them travel extensively.  Many of them have newsletters, books and/or tapes, as well as mailing lists of interested students.  If you live outside the major teaching areas, contact the folks listed below.  Ask if they travel to your area or if they could put you in touch with other Michael students in your area.  The Michael network is growing rapidly!

  Michael Groups (Online)

Color bullet Michael Casting Database - created by Terri Benning and JP Van Hulle, currently moderated by Barbara Taylor, hosted by Yahoo groups
    Other sites sponsored by Terri Benning: 
               Michael Mosaics - www.michaelmosaics.com 
Color bullet Michael Teachings - interactive discussion group, sponsored by Dave Gregg, hosted by Yahoo Groupsinstructions for joining. 
Color bullet Truth Love Energy - sponsored by Troy Tolley: 
       Truth Love Energy Social Network - http://www.TruthLoveEnergy.com 
       Manifest Essence products - shopping for Michael Role & Overleaf-themed products http://www.zazzle.com/cocteauboy/gifts 
Color bullet  East Coast Gathering of Michael Students (Facebook) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/msonec/ 
Color bullet  West Coast Annual Gathering of Michael Students (Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/groups/779172292145495/
Color bullet  Michael Teachings group (Facebook)  https://www.facebook.com/groups/michaelteachings/ 

Events and other News


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