Remember Me

                    by Barbara Taylor

Remember me, as the mist of the morning

    Gives way to sun light.

Remember me, as the rainbow after a storm.

Remember me, as the waves upon the beach.

Remember me, as the soft wind in the forest pines.

Remember me, in the cooing of love birds.

Remember me, in the tinkle of Christmas bells.

Remember me, with a twinkle in my eyes,

    Laughter in my heart,

    And Joy in life’s adventures — always!

Remember me, as gentle spring rain and

    Daffodils bursting through the snow.

Remember me, as truth and purity of thought.

Remember me, as quiet solitude.

Remember me, for the love I shared with those I knew.

Remember me, and be glad we shared memories together.

Remember me, in your heart, in your mind, in your soul.


I am every where, yet no where.

My soul and my spirit live on,

    Cherished and enriched by those who have known me.


Remember me,

    And in that memory,

    I live forever.


© Barbara Taylor, 1991  All rights reserved in all media. 

This poem may be used for memorials, funerals or tributes as long as the author is acknowledged. 

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