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Post-Election 2004: Thoughts and Resources


Color bulletMICHAEL SPEAKS Online — 11/04/2004 OPEN FLOOR

Hello to all of you.  We are here.

We realize that there is a great deal of dismay following your most recent United States of America election for 2004 presidency.  This is to be expected when observing the surface of the events, but when the emotional and intellectual reactions clear, there will be more clarity and certainty than presently anticipated.

Currently the United States is predominantly Mature Soul as an average soul age, but Young Soul perceptions are the predominant perception, even among the majority of Mature Souls.  It is a confusing time for the United States as it transits from the Young Soul values and perception and into the Mature Soul values and perceptions.

Most of the Mature Souls in the United States are 1st Level to 3rd Level Mature and this does not make for strong stances for Mature Soul values.  With approximately 90 million Young Souls and 100 million 1st through 3rd-Level Mature Souls dominating your country, it could be said that nearly 200 million fragments are contributing to the paradigm of the Young Soul.  This number is more than the number of counted voters in your most recent election, from what we can determine at this point.

If every Old Soul and every 4th Level Mature to 7th Level Mature Soul were to have contributed to the vote, that number would only be approximately 40.5 million fragments.  If you factor in the Baby Soul population, the older fragments with the higher perspectives are vastly outnumbered.

We share these "statistics" with you as a means to put into perspective how the United States is growing, progressing, and maturing in its own natural way.

We have stated before, but will state again, that one of the catalysts for final implementation of Mature Soul values and perspective is THROUGH the medium of Young Soul events.  It is naturally, the "only way."

From our perspective, it is important to note that more Mature Souls voted in this election than did Young Souls.  But with the inclination to support familiar Young Soul values, it could be said that nearly half of the counted votes were collected from "young souls."

The impact of electing the current president will most likely be the final catalyst for the implementation of a Mature Soul paradigm.  The Mature Souls who voted for the current president of the United States are eager for something dramatic to change the paradigm to which that country subscribes.

From the Personality level, the votes were cast as a means to uphold the familiar, but on an Essence Level, the votes were cast as the most potentially-combustible and permanent path of change available in your time.  The contrast between "now" and the time of what would be your next election may be quite striking and, in the end, quite beneficial.

We will open the floor to your questions now.

QUESTIONER: Also, aren’t many of the "older" souls still children and not of voting age?

Of the 40+ million fragments we would refer to as "older souls," it is valid that approximately 25 million of these fragments are under the legal voting age.

QUESTIONER: What can you see happening in the next 4 years that would be beneficial? In other words, can you be more specific?

We do not (and cannot) predict, but we can see the probabilities that appear to be more or less likely to manifest.  The term "beneficial" is subjective, but we will use it in the context of events contributing to the stability of Mature Soul perception. In that context, there are two major events of high probability that will contribute to that change:

  1. The assassination or dramatic unseating of your current president; and
  2. The revelation and factual reveal that both elections of the current president of the United States were a result of conspiracy.

We do not wish to "add fire" to the concept of "conspiracy," but part of your dismay and intuitive repulsion to the recent election is not rooted simply in disappointment.  Your inner perception of this event will more than likely be vindicated within the next 4 years.

The "benefit" then of this election will most likely be the complete overhaul of an outdated voting and political system.  When your voting system and methods have been changed and implemented, you will then know you live in a Mature Soul world.

QUESTIONER: Can Michael suggest ways that we can stay in positive poles and avoid getting caught up in Maya and our Chief Features (fears) on an individual level during this difficult time?

If you wish to stay in the positive poles of your overleaves, we suggest considering this time frame as no different from any other time frame in your life.  It is not the first time you have been disappointed, betrayed or appalled. That is simply a part of life and this time is no more difficult than any other.

Most of the "difficulty" that is being experienced at this time by older fragments is an exaggerated emotional extrapolation from the speculation or expectations of the resulted events, but not from the reality of the events.  In other words, where the early Mature Souls are living through outdated Young Soul perspectives, the older souls are living through outdated Mature Soul perceptions, tending to over-dramatize events as a means of alleviating boredom and rediscovering purpose.  Therefore, within the context of this specific disappointment and dismay (the election), and the resulting drama that may begin to unfold from this, we suggest a conscious examination of your specific Soul Age.

We suggest gently examining your True Soul Age and implementing your own paradigm in ways that you are capable of living.  It could easily be said that if the older fragments do not implement their own soul age, it does nothing to help the evolution of perspective among other fragments.

In other words, "Be yourself."  Find ways to BE more fully who you are.  If you are confused about what it means to "Be yourself," this phrase always means being who you WANT to be at that moment.  There is no way you CANNOT "Be yourself," but being conscious of the process and expression can help navigate you through your personal world more peacefully and with more fulfillment.

QUESTIONER: Regarding the emphasis placed on "moral values" among voters and the alarming growth of Christian fundamentalism since the 1990s (which is equally repugnant to liberal Christians like myself and non-Christians), this [moral value] seems to have a broader appeal than just among Baby souls looking for religious structure: is that true, and what would be the reasons for it among other soul ages?

There are several reasons that may apply here:  One is that most organized religions are not "spiritual," but more a means of competition, territorialism, division, and gain.  Christianity marked the full implementation of the Young Soul age on your planet, so it is not surprising that Christianity is the primary religion of a Young Soul country.  "Christian Moral Values" is simply a Young Soul means of justifying the methods of protecting the comforts of gained territory, wealth, security, etc.

Another reason for the appeal among various soul ages is that it is simply the popular religion of the United States.  Along with iPods and AOL, most fragments in a Young Soul paradigm find the most popular to be the most appealing, regardless of the quality, resonance or practicality.  All soul ages are susceptible to that appeal when living in the Young Soul paradigm.

And finally, of course, there are legitimate levels of spirituality found by any soul age in any distorted religions of your time frame.  All religions were initiated or built upon a legitimate spiritual tenet.

SIDE NOTE: It may be of interest to you to note that Religion is a Young Soul construct using the ingredients of Baby Soul myths.  It is many times thought that Religion is a Baby Soul construct, but that has never been the case.  Religion is highly appealing to Baby Souls, but it is the Young Souls who manage that business.  We have yet to see a more powerfully marketed, unquestioningly-purchased and ultimately pointless product on your planet.  This is not to say that value is not ultimately extracted from the experience, but we have seen more detours in personal and global evolution due to the freely-accepted oppression of religion than from any other context in your history.

QUESTIONER: Will fundamentalism continue to grow or will there be greater tolerance for things like gay marriage?

Religion, Politics and Commercialism will continue to collapse and rebuild itself in a way that accounts for diversity, not conformity.  That is the key difference between where your world is moving and from where it is coming.  It is already happening without being truly noticed, but it is happening.  The implementation of hundreds of television channels, for instance, is a Mature Soul paradigm.  The "death" of subsidized radio and a restricted music industry is another.  The Internet is yet another.

When diversity becomes the foundation of Politics, Spirituality and Marketing, you are in a Mature Soul paradigm.

In more specific response to your question: There is an irony in the current election result and the revival of religious fundamentalism: many Mature Soul personalities may soon suddenly discover that they simply do not fit into the very world they sought to sustain.  Consider a teenager who has taken great steps to rebel against the obvious future of his responsibility as an adult; so, too has the Mature Soul rebelled within the comfortable paradigm of the Young Soul.  But as with the teenager, the Mature Soul will simply find it exhausting to maintain a paradigm from which it is inherently alien and eventually embrace its growth.

QUESTIONER: Is the Diebold company part of the conspiracy?

Of course it is.


Of course it is.

We do not wish to convey that all parties involved within those services are part of "a conspiracy," but there are a handful of fragments with an agenda that is as obvious to us as it is to you.  There is an 89% probability of this fraudulence being validated publicly, though actions taken as a result of this may be less-obvious until much later.

We will conclude with the next question.

QUESTIONER: The fraudulence of which you speak: Is this part of the so-called 10-year program designed to hypnotize people to vote against their own best interest?

No.  We know of no such program in which "hypnotism" is involved.

The fraudulence of which we speak is simple misrepresentation.  If all votes were counted accurately, you would not have your current president.

We will conclude with a statement:  It is important that you consider choosing for your emphasis to be on the greater patterns of your planet’s evolution in Soul Age.  While it may be exciting to speculate wildly about the dramatic possibilities, it is also as exciting to consider the beauty and innocence that IS your fellow sentience.

As the Mature Souls must eventually let go of their Young Soul paradigm, so does the older soul have to eventually let go of the Mature Soul paradigm (at least, internally).

Consider that there is an irony in your distaste and repulsion at this time:  It is a clue to your next (and possibly last) step toward Agape.

How do you love the unlovable?  How do you love those who hate?  How do you perceive innocence in the midst of violence?  How do you extract possibilities in the midst of restriction?

This current event is not just about your planet’s evolution through an average soul age, but about your own Soul Age that is under self-scrutiny at this time.

Can you love?

Can you rediscover trust in a way that includes the soul of another beyond his False Personality?

We do not ask these questions as a means to convey "new age" clichés, but as a valid response to many of your feelings at this time.

Beauty is defined by us as "the recognition of patterns."  Chaos is "the lack of recognition of patterns."  You live in an intelligent universe within an intelligent design that allows for both Beauty and Chaos, both of which are simply a matter of perspective.  The Older Soul is capable of acknowledging Chaos, while perceiving Beauty.  Regardless of any physical, emotional or intellectual circumstance, the choice will always be yours.

We will conclude here. Good night to all of you.

Color bullet Voter Statistics

Based on our recent chat with Michael, I thought it was interesting to explore further the numbers Michael shared.

United States’ population is approximately 303,000,000 (according to Michael).

Soul Age Demographics:
17,450,000 Old (about 6%)
123,000,000 Mature (about 41%)
90,000,000 Young (about 30%)
67,850,000 Baby (about 22%)
5,000,000 Infant (about 1%)

Total Counted Votes Soul Age Demographic Breakdown:
15,000,000 Mature/Old (older souls) 13% of the votes
45,000,000 Early Mature 39% of the votes
30,000,000 Young 26% of the votes
25,000,000 Baby 22% of the votes
An extremely minor number of Infant Souls voted.

This accounts for about 38-39% of the population of the United States.

51% of the votes for Bush =
40,500,000 Mature (about 99% Early Mature)
9,000,000 Young (about 99% Early Young)
10,000,000 Baby (about 99% Early Baby)

48% of the votes for Kerry =
15,000,000 Late Mature/Old (older souls)
4,500,000 Early Mature
21,000,000 Young (about 1% Early Young)
15,000,000 Baby (about .5% Early Baby)

Michael explained to me while I looked at these numbers that far more late-level Baby and Young Souls (in this case, 5th level to 7th level) voted democratically than did early Mature.  They explained that this is because those in the latter levels of a Soul Age are more likely to intuitively anticipate the most useful future environment for their growth, but the earlier levels of a Soul Age are more inclined toward what has become familiar and comfortable.  So it looks like the votes were affected not by Soul Age, but by Soul Age LEVELS!  I had never considered that before!

Michael went on to explain that they believe over 2,000,000 votes were discarded, uncounted or rendered unacceptable, and that over half of those were for invalid reasons and in "key states."

Permission to Share

Considering the nature of these events, I have no qualms with any of you sharing these transcripts with other groups . . . I just think it's important to share and cross-reference as much as possible. . .

Troy Tolley  [© Copyright 2004 Troy Tolley, used with permission of author of the Michael Speaks and Statistics pieces]

Note:  For a translation between "soul age" language and Personality Game ("perspective") language that we use on our website, see our Maslow page.

Color bulletOur Message

We encourage you to take time to find your own way to cope with the changes in our country and how you can continue to make the world a better place.  

  1. Pay attention to what is important to you and your life.  
  2. Find ways to keep beauty, hope and love in your life and your surroundings.  
  3. Find ways to inspire yourself to continue to be a positive influence in whatever situations you find yourself. 
  4. Try to understand how others see the world.  
  5. Open your heart to the love that is available to you.
  6. Be the best you can be.  
  7. Remember to laugh and enjoy life. 

Many inspirations available on our Wisdom & Wit and Give Peace a Chance pages.  

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