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Finland / St. Petersburg

Sami national dress (Utsjoki, Enonteki÷, Vuotso, Inari)

Finland / St. Petersburg (August 26 - September 10, 2000)

Color bullet Focus on shamanism in Finnish Lapland
Sightseeing around Helsinki
Visit with local families and students of the Michael teachings.
Travel by charter bus up the west coast of Finland, with stops along the way including crossing the Artic Circle at the official Santa Claus Village.
Visit to the Artic Amethyst Mine, where we dug our own amethyst stones.
Each person made a Sami drum, which took 4 days guided by a Sami drum-maker.
We also had a chance to hear the singing of the yoik, traditional music of the Sami culture.
Visit to the Sami Museum in Inari and boat trip on Lake Inari to Ukko Island, sacred to the Sami for at least 1,000 years.
Travel by bus down the east coast of Finland, with a stop in a ski resort in Kuusamo and a visit to Karelia.
We were blessed to see several wild herds of reindeer and full rainbows during our travels. 
Color bullet 3-day excursion to St. Petersburg, Russia
A panoramic tour of the city by bus featuring major city highlights.
Visits to the Peter and Paul Fortress, Peterhof (Grand Summer Palace), St. Isaac's Cathedral and The Hermitage Museum (State Rooms of the Winter Palace; Old Masters,  and Impressionists' art exhibit).  
The ballet Giselle at the Opera House on the Palace Square.
Stops in Vyborg on the way to and from St. Petersburg including a visit to the castle built in 1293, which was the founding of the town.

The trip was arranged by Pivotal Resources, Inc


Source: Photo of Sami national dress (left to right: Utsjoki, Enonteki´┐Ż, Vuotso and Inari) from The Sami in Finland, published by Sami Parliament 1999

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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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