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Joya Pope

Readings for the Heart and Soul


Fayetteville, AR 72702


(479) 575-0019

Author of:

  • Upcoming Changes: Prophecy and Pragmatism for the Late Nineties (excerpt below)
  • The World According to Michael: An Old Soul's Guide to the Universe
  • Publisher of:

  • Spirit at Work: A Journey of Healing by Lois Grant
  • Upcoming Changes: Prophecy and Pragmatism for the Late Nineties

    Excerpt from: Chapter 4, Off the Beaten Track, Men and Women


    As long as a patriarchal religion is the spiritual viewpoint of choice, inequality between the sexes will persist. In people's minds, God being one sex makes the other sex lower. Though Mary sightings are many and some Christian churches are expanding the role of women and their attitude toward them, not one has added Goddess worship. It is a rarity for established religions to recast themselves and lead people forward; few are free to change with evolving societal needs. Worldwide, religions are stuck, mired down with outdated beliefs and assumptions. People need new institutions as well as new spiritual leaders.

    Around the turn of the century, we see it likely that four or five Infinite souls will begin to make themselves known and, as they are prone to do, greatly affect the world. (Each infinite soul while appearing in one body is actually a group of souls so large and all-encompassing that it is just a breath away from the Tao, the Infinite.) Infinite souls are always very affecting, and come typically in times of great change and need. The most recent incarnations have been Christ, Buddha, Lao Tse, Krishna, and Quetzalcoatl, all of whom helped smooth the world's transition into the individualism of young soul consciousness. The world has previously seen a number of infinite souls in female bodies, whose names now linger as mythical Goddesses like Astarte, Bridget, Sekmet and Kwan Yin. These great and loving new Infinite souls will be both male and female {one has already quietly shown up} and their skin colors will embrace different corners of the world. All will have essentially the same message � love each other, respect each other, honor nature. These luminous souls will very greatly affect the way religion is practiced, making it more nature-oriented, less patriarchal and more inclusive. Much religion actually promotes separation, judgment, fear and even hatred. Infinite souls always work to overcome these human tendencies. A humbled world edging into the mature soul era is more likely to listen. Having two or three female infinite souls of varying races will give a towering lift to the way everyone views women and help boost women's lives everywhere.


    Because of bodily strength and embedded societal values, people long thought that women could never be men's equals. That view is now speedily changing, among women and men. The world is already rushing towards the sexual equality which will predominate on a generous portion of the globe during the twenty-first century. Pushing ahead even further in time, we see an upcoming matriarchal period, likely to last at least 1000 years, quite strongly in place by 2150. This is a period when those of you choosing women's bodies will have power and control over most social policies. Women will have the primary say in government, politics, media and business, and over men. How could life ever get from here to there? It is nearly impossible for people raised in male-dominated countries and worlds even to imagine the physically weaker female gaining control over the stronger, more aggressive male, but consider a sequence of events similar to this: Men are progressively seen as responsible for the problems the world is facing, especially when their resistance to necessary clean-ups, changes in technology or behavior become painfully obvious They will be held guilty for addictions to bigger and more deadly weapons, huge deficits and debts, leaking toxic waste, and the corruption of financial institutions and regulatory agencies. Women, untainted by these policies and scandals - partially because they have had little power - will increasingly be the people coming up with proposals for change. Many of the leaders who will initiate and build the human-sized institutions the next era wants will be women.

    The elevation of women over the next century will happen in spurts and spikes. For example, the ways in which women commonly operate may "suddenly" seem to be more valuable to society than how men operate. You can see hints of this already. Part and parcel of the current consciousness change is a shift away from hierarchical organizations with their one-up and one-down power structures. Many companies are already searching for approaches that will make work situations meaningful, mutually satisfying experiences. Businesses are starting to design structures based on shared power, mutual aid and trust, because that now looks stronger and more competitive. Running an organization by rank, or a country by social violence, is less and less a viable option, for newer solutions are glowing too attractively. Neither mature soul societies nor workers are comfortable with iron rule from the top.

    Consensus building, explored because of Japanese success with it, is something women tend towards naturally, yet was only recently seen as a spineless, indecisive way to manage a business. Sharing information, instead of withholding it, talking frankly with people, complimenting them, these too are typical female ways of being which are coming to have more coin in the management world. As values continue to change, women will more easily excel. In the new atmospheres, they will feel safer about expressing their opinions. And, feeling free to be themselves will make them more powerful. Instead of straining to stick to the language of men and business, a woman's natural way of communicating will suddenly have advantages. Those in women's bodies suffer less from the illusion of control! As baby-bearers, women understand flowing with what life brings quite intimately. They also tend to have more respect for life and fewer aggressive urges to dominate nature. As life-givers, women are more hesitant about war - even short, supposedly simple wars with few perceived downsides. Women tend to keep communicating until they figure out other solutions to problems. For these reasons and more, the female sex is due to be viewed in a progressively favorable light.

    Societies that increasingly value women, their ideas and input, will gradually and subtly cause men to feel less valuable. Lowered male self-esteem makes it easier to train them to stifle themselves, to be less active for their own good. In this way, men gradually lose power and become the second sex. Make examples of those who don't fall into step; embarrass them, punish them, and fewer will risk those same behaviors in the future. Make men feel bad about themselves when they don't control their "primitive" aggressive impulses and they become self-monitoring, just like women before them who were long unable to grasp their own strengths and capabilities. Because this switch will be happening in a mature soul world, society will probably not experiment with the rougher, young soul control methods - like refusing them rights to property or inheritance or burning feisty men as heretical troublemakers.

    It is from this sequence of changes that power will gradually fall back into female hands. We are not suggesting that women are morally superior or that in the twenty-second century they are going to govern perfectly, peacefully, efficiently, and with good feelings all around, but the world will run differently, more humanely, and with more respect for nature. It will be crazy in new ways. People in men's bodies will be struggling with their "innate" limitations. Given the mature soul climate, self-help books, groups, and therapists will still be flourishing as men attempt to process feelings of shame and inadequacy.

    � Joya Pope joyapope [at]

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