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Colors for the Personality Game

See the game board chart for an example of how the colors relate to each other. butterflypg.gif (926 bytes)

color bullet Role (Primary Life Role)

  • Artisan Indigo (Deep Purple/Blue)
  • King Orange (or Gold)
  • Priest Purple (or Violet)
  • Sage Blue
  • Scholar Yellow
  • Server Green
  • Warrior Red
  • color bullet Center (Primary Reactive Center)

  • Emotional Green
  • Intellectual Indigo (Deep Purple/Blue)
  • Moving Red
  • color bullet Perspective on Life (Outlook on Life)

  • Surviving Green
  • Rule-making Indigo (Deep Purple/Blue)
  • Competing Red
  • Relating Yellow
  • Teaching Blue
  • Guru Orange (or Gold)
  • Master Purple
  • color bullet Attitude (Viewpoint Toward Life)

  • Cynic Red
  • Idealist Blue
  • Pragmatist Yellow
  • Realist Orange (or Gold)
  • Skeptic Indigo (Deep Purple/Blue)
  • Spiritualist Purple
  • Stoic Green
  • color bullet Mode (Method of Approaching Life)

  • Perseverance Red
  • Power Blue
  • Observation Yellow
  • Aggression Orange (or Gold)
  • Caution Indigo (Deep Purple/Blue)
  • Passion Purple
  • Reserved Green
  • color bullet Goal (Primary Motivator in Life)

  • Acceptance Blue
  • Discrimination Indigo (Deep Purple/Blue)
  • Dominance Orange (or Gold)
  • Growth Purple
  • Re-Evaluation Green
  • Relaxation Yellow
  • Submission Red
  • color bullet Dragons (Obstacles to Make the Game More Challenging)

  • Arrogance Purple
  • Greed Blue
  • Impatience Orange (or Gold)
  • Martyrdom Red
  • Self-Deprecation Green
  • Self-Destruction Indigo (Deep Purple/Blue)
  • Stubbornness Yellow
  • color bullet Significance of the Colors

  • Purple - wide focus inspiration, including compassion and love
  • Blue - wide focus expression, including communication and authority
  • Orange (or Gold) - wide focus action, including mastery and leadership
  • Red - narrow focus action, including devotion and persistence
  • Green - narrow focus inspiration, including service and simplicity
  • Indigo (Deep Purple/Blue) - narrow focus expression, including creative endeavors and sophistication
  • Yellow - assimilation, including knowledge and clarity
  • For the Dragons, the colors indicate "lack of" the color's normal quality (i.e., lack of inspiration, lack of expression, lack of action, etc.)
  • color bulletComponents of The Personality Game:

    Click on the Link word for a short explanation.

    Color bullet Overview of the Personality Game
    Color bullet Primary Life Role (Basic Personality Type)
    Color bullet Reactive Center (Primary Response to Events)
    Color bullet Perspective (Outlook on Life)
    Color bullet Attitude (Viewpoint Toward Life)
    Color bullet Mode (Primary Method of Approaching Life)
    Color bullet Dragons (Personality Dragons - Obstacles to Make the Game Interesting)
    Color bullet Goal (Primary Motivator)
    Color bullet Famous People Database - a more in-depth sample of personality traits of famous people, places, organizations and countries

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    Page updated: May 11, 2023

    The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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    The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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