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Advanced Michael Math: Casting and the Entity Numbering System butterflypg.gif

color bullet Advanced Michael Math Concepts:

Entity Definition
Entity Purpose and Numbering
Global Jobs and Community Responsibility
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Resources (links, Global Jobs or Casting Chart Downloads (in color)

Many Michael students are familiar with the concept of Entities, or groups of souls that have a common purpose.  Meeting another person in the same Entity usually generates a feeling of already knowing them, feeling comfortable with them or of de ja vu.  As people become more advanced in their ability to use their own intuition, the value of such contacts will be more apparent to them and they begin to recognize others in nearby Entities.

We believe there are approximately 100,000 people around the world who are linked to the Michael Teachings in some way, consciously or not.  Those who actively use and study this particular form of life philosophy are commonly referred to as "Michael students." 

There are many other teachings.  This is only one of an almost infinite possible ways to learn about life.  The Michael Teachings are a method of self-understanding and awareness that people who share similar interests find useful.

This article describes new information originally uncovered by JP Van Hulle and subsequently taught by JP and Terri Benning.  Michael Berkley did extensive work in developing graphic models of what JP calls "Michael's DNA Structure," that further describes the myriad energetic Influences.  A fascinating session on this new information was held at the AMT Conference in April 1999.

color bullet What is an Entity?

Imagine the Tao saying to itself, "I'm rather bored sitting here humming all day.  I want to have some playmates.   I wonder how I can do that?"

So, the Tao devised a system where IT sent off little fragments (or sparks) of itself to play a game (what we call The Personality Game).  Part of the game consists of playing out a scenario where each little spark of the Tao would think it was separate from all other sparks and try to find its way back home.  Each spark of the Tao is equivalent to what most people would call one soul or one person.  

As the sparks were cast from the Tao on their way to a new adventure game, they went off in clusters of about 1,000 at a time.   Those clusters (an Entity) counted off, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.   When 7 Entities had been sent off, another cluster of 7 Entities counted off.  A cluster of 7 Entities is called a Cadre.    To keep it simple, we won't go into the other groupings at this time.   Just remember that the energetic structure is  more complex than can be described in this physical form.

The first grouping of souls casting off from the Tao is known as Entity #1, the second group is Entity #2, etc.  An Entity is like a soul's "family."    These souls will be your closest connections and play mates throughout your lifetimes.  You will meet them again and again and again.  Each time you meet, you will play different parts so that you have a wide range of experiences during your Game.

A Cadre consists of 7 Entities or 7,000 - 10,000 souls.  Cadres also have numbers and the first Cadre is known as Cadre #1 (an arbitrary number).  A Cadre might be called a soul's "local neighborhood."  Your Cadre represents another familiar group of souls that you will encounter regularly throughout your lifetimes.  Cadres are grouped together in groups of 12 cadres (about 84,000 souls) called a Cadre Group.  And so it continues in groupings until everything is just one big group again. 

The casting off process might be visualized like this:

mcasting.gif (2988 bytes)Within each Entity, each spark has a distinct number or universal address code.  This universal address code represents an energetic frequency that determines the soul's Role as well as other energetic influences that will stay with them through all their lives until they are reunited with the Tao at the end of the Game.

While each spark is unique and distinct, their position within their Entity provides energetic influences that offer guidance in defining the unique part they play in the overall Game.  Each of us has an assigned job to do for our greater community.

color bullet Entity Purpose and Influence

Each Entity has a theme and smaller groupings within each Entity have what are called Global Jobs and Community Responsibility.  These structures help make sure that the larger community is served appropriately. 

Some descriptions of Entity themes:

1st entity: LET'S GO - These are the initiators, first out of the gate with something new. (1 = Server Influence)
2nd entity: HOW ARE WE DOING? - A look at how to improve and redesign things to work better. (2 = Artisan Influence)
3rd entity: OK, THIS IS FINE,  WHAT ELSE? - Ready for action and productive adventure. (3 = Warrior Influence)
4th entity: WHO AM I WITH? - Paying attention to others around us. (4 = Scholar Influence)
5th entity: WHAT SHOULD WE DO NEXT? - A leap forward to more adventure on a broader scale. (5 = Sage Influence)
6th entity: IS IT TIME TO REVEAL THIS YET? - Unusual sensitivity to ethics, justice, corporate politics and integration of many different views. (6 = Priest Influence)
7th entity: THERE,  THERE,  IT'S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!  - Mastery of whatever we encounter (7 = King Influence).

Each number represents a particular energetic influence.  (See the section on the numbering system.)  Each person has many Influences at work, which makes them into a unique individual. 

color bullet Additional Entity Influences - Blocks

Within each Entity (regardless of which number), there are 7 groupings called Blocks, numbered as:

1. Server "Bonding" block
2. Artisan "Invention" block
3. Warrior "Production" block
4. Scholar "Learning" block
5. Sage "Communication" block
6. Priest "Salvation" block
7. King "Mastery" block.

Within each Block are rows and columns that can be thought of like a spreadsheet.  

Everyone within a group shares a common goal or theme.  For example, everyone in the Sage Block is involved in Communication in some way. 

Global Jobs and Community Responsibility

There are a total of 49 Global Jobs, represented by the rows. Each Block has 49 Community Responsibilities represented as a cell of the spreadsheet. 

Each side of an individual cell represents an influence to pursue either Truth, Love or Energy (also known as Balance or Harmony).  

A visual representation of the structure might look like this:

mstructure.gif (1989 bytes)

Example - 1st Block: Server "Bonding" Block

The Server "Block" has an Underlying Motivation of Bonding.  The first block is the Server block and has 147 fragments (49 on the Truth side, 49 on the Love side and 49 on the Energy side).  

#1 is the first spark cast from the Tao in each Entity and that cell position has a Community Responsibility of "Nourishment."  The soul in this first position has Server Casting. (see Casting for more information)
#2 is the second spark with a Community Responsibility of "Comfort" and has Artisan Casting, and so forth until the end.  Three souls share the same Community Responsibility, each focusing on a different aspect of it (Truth, Love or Energy).  Notice that all the Community Responsibilities of the Global Job of Service are Server-like qualities or aspects (Nourishment, Comfort, Support, Thoughtfulness, Encouragement, Kindness, Acknowledgment). 

Global Job (rows)

Server Column

Artisan Column

Warrior Column

Scholar Column

Sage Column

Priest Column King Column
Row 1: Service Nourishment
#1 Truth
#344 Love
#697 Energy
#2 Truth
#345 Love
#688 Energy
#3 Truth
#346 Love
#689 Energy
#4 Truth
#347 Love
#690 Energy
#5 Truth
#348 Love
#691 Energy
#6 Truth
#349 Love
#692 Energy
#7 Truth
#350 Love
#693 Energy
Row 2: Health              
Row 3 etc.              

Example - 5th Block: Sage "Communication" Block

Row #31 is a Warrior Row (representing Production/Productivity), which has a Global Job of Cooperation.  In the first column (Server Casting), the Community Responsibility is "Stability."  Notice that all the Community Responsibilities of the Global Job of Service are of Cooperation, which are Warrior-like qualities (Stability, Fertility, Endurance, Competence, Strength/Empowerment, Courage, Resolve).    

Global Job

Server Column

Artisan Column

Warrior Column

Scholar Column

Sage Column

Priest Column King Column
Row 31 Cooperation Stability
#211 Truth
#554 Love
#897 Energy
#212 Truth
#555 Love
#898 Energy
#213 Truth
#400 Love
#899 Energy
#214 Truth
#557 Love
#900 Energy
#215 Truth
#558 Love
#901 Energy
#216 Truth
#559 Love
#902 Energy
#217 Truth
#560 Love
#903 Energy

Example - 7th Block: King "Mastery" Block

Row #49 is a King Row (representing Mastery), which has a Global Job of "Completion."  The soul with the Community Responsibility of "Liberation" has Priest Casting.  Notice that all the Community Responsibilities of the Global Job of Service are of Completion, which are King-like qualities (Self-Reliance, Elimination, Consequence, Impartiality, Wisdom, Liberation, prosperity). 

Global Job

Server Column

Artisan Column

Warrior Column

Scholar Column

Sage Column

Priest Column King Column
Row 49 Completion Self-Reliance
#337 Truth
#680 Love
#1023 Energy
#338 Truth
#681 Love
#1024 Energy
#339 Truth
#682 Love
#1025 Energy
#340 Truth
#683 Love
#1026 Energy
#341 Truth
#684 Love
#1027 Energy
#342 Truth
#685 Love
#1028 Energy
#343 Truth
#686 Love
#1029 Energy

color bullet What Does It All Mean to You?

As we discussed in the article on Michael Math, the various Influences give a unique and distinct "flavor" to each person's personality. 

If you have done a great deal of  internal work on yourself and have a good understanding who you are, you may be able to figure out your Community Responsibility and your Global Job by reviewing the lists of them.

color bullet What is Casting?

Casting describes how you fulfill or express your Role and is a very prominent part of your personality.  In many people, their Casting is more noticeable than their Role.  Casting is the Influence defined by the column you occupy in the charts described here.  For example, Scholar Casting applies to someone in the 4th column, regardless of which row or block they fall into.  If you have "Scholar Casting" you will express your Role through words, knowledge, teaching or integration (all Scholarly traits).

Recent information tells us that there are several levels of Casting that apply to each person, which carry the energetic Influence from their Block, their Row and their Column in addition to the Influences associated with their Entity, Parental Imprinting and individual life experience.  Most often, people consider their Column placement to be their "casting" - that may not tell the full story as we now know.   

To state this another way, the soul in the Sage (Communication) Block, with a Global Job of "Cooperation" (3rd row in the block - Warrior/Production Row), a Community Responsibility of "Competence" and Scholar Column who was cast as #214 when their Entity left the Tao also has a focus on "Truth."  All of these qualities and attributes will be part of how they do their life's work, regardless of their primary Role and other personality traits.  

Terri Benning describes it this way:  TOGETHER, these influences create what might be termed an �essential gestalt� within the fragment�s �essential being.�  This �essential gestalt� does NOT change from lifetime to lifetime.  However, how it is EXPRESSED and how it is UNDERTAKEN in each incarnation may be quite different in nature.  Or, more precisely, will often be focused perhaps, into different ARENAS of activity within the life experiences.  Moreover, these �essential influences� are always evolving, even as each of YOU are as well.

The Global Job (your "Row") is how you express yourself in relationships.  Using our example above, someone with a Global Job of Cooperation will be involved with teamwork, group efforts and helping people work together.  

Your entity influences how you express yourself in the community (see entity purpose above) for examples.  


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Page updated: May 11, 2023

The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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