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A Little Book of Spirit Stories: Encounters with the Paranormal 

by Victoria Marina-Tompkins

Excerpt from Chapter Eight: The Michaels and Our Friend Bob

Northern California 1979 - present

Note: The entities presented in this story were first chronicled in the book Messages from Michael by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.  The Michael entity was also present 2500 years ago when they taught as the Oracle at Delphi in Greece.  My personal story with them began over thirty years ago and continues in the present.

My career as a medium and intuitive began rather imperceptibly.

I first heard about the Michaels, a reunited entity or group of 1050 souls teaching from the causal plane sometime in the late 1970s when a friend happened to mention he was attending group sessions in the Oakland hills.  

Curious, I asked him for more info about it, but we got side tracked.  He was actually telling me about this during the house conversation from "The Ghost at the Top of the Stairs" earlier in this book and I suppose the ghost got more of my attention that night.  When we have soul agreements in place and when those agreements are central to your own life work, then usually if they don�t catch your eye the first time, they are likely to come back around.

Such was true for me and several years later another friend, also a musician, mentioned to me over a dinner in between shows (we were both free lance violinists at the time) that he was in a small group meeting in Berkeley and that maybe I would be interested in some of the information they were getting.  Was this the same as what I had heard about a few years earlier?  Not exactly in that the people were mostly different and there was a different medium at the helm, but it was indeed the same teacher the Michael entity.  

My friend promised to get some basic personal information for me my "stats" which he did a few weeks later.  I wrote them down in red ink on the back of an envelope that was handy and put them in a drawer where they stayed for at least a year, if not more.  Looking back, I realize I was just not ready for the life changing experiences that were about to come my way.


By the time I decided that I wanted to find out more about this reunited entity that now two of my friends had sung high praises of, I was concretely planted in the real world.  Married and the mother of a young child, the last thing on my mind was getting involved in metaphysics in any serious way.  

However, shortly after I found the envelope in the drawer again, I suppose curiosity eventually got the best of me.  I got the number for one of the original channels.  I called, talked to her and arranged to meet.  After the first meeting, I was hooked and soon joined one of her ongoing groups.

. . . 

About the book

"Most of us live with both feet planted resolutely on Terra Firma.  Others, however, live with one foot in the physical realm and one foot ... someplace else.  Victoria Marina-Tompkins is one such person, and clearly has the ability to walk in balance between natural and supernatural. 

A Little Book of Spirit Stories is the latest offering by this talented and other-worldy author.  An avid reader of her writings, I wasn�t quite sure what to expect with this one.  However, I was hooked from the very first story.  The anecdotes alternated between sweetly humorous and somewhat quirky.  A couple of them were downright creepy and made me shiver.  My favorite, Music to Their Ears, was a complete joy; I�ll read that one often.  No doubt about it; this little book is a big treat. "
 ... Tessa Jones, author


Fascinating, surprising, and compelling, A Little Book of Spirit Stories is a collection of first hand encounters with the paranormal.  With insight and humor, Victoria Marina-Tompkins shares her experiences with ghostly apparitions, playful spirits and voices outside the range of every day perceptions, giving the reader a glimpse into the realm of the supernatural.  Beginning in 1978, the stories include, �The Ghost at the Top of the Stairs,� when a seemingly unfriendly ghost appears in all manner of ways; �Troll," an enduring tale of a young child�s perceptions and ingenuity; and �The Michaels and Our Friend Bob,� an in-depth look at mediumship from the author�s viewpoint that also includes verbatim examples of spirit transmissions.  

A Little Book of Spirit Stories is an unforgettable journey into the mysterious world of the occult.

Now available online:    -  Disclosure: We get a small commission for purchases made via links to Amazon.

Soon to be available through Barnes and Noble, and all major booksellers!

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Page updated: October 16, 2023

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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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