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Support Circle Positions

color bulletIntimate Group ~ help with getting things done

Love Position

  • Someone who loves you unconditionally

Knowledge Position

  • Provides information and helps you understand life.
  • Scholars do this very well

Compassion Position

  • Willing to tell you the Truth and help with understanding.
  • Priests do this very well

color bulletTeacher Group ~ teach about life, energy and responsibility

Mentor Position

  • Role model or guide
  • Could be a parent, boss, coach or friend.  Someone who has great impact on you.  
  • Kings and Warriors do this well

Beauty Position

  • Teaches you how to see beauty and inspire you to see beauty
  • Artisans, Priests and Sages do this well
  • Princess Diana occupied this position for England

Child Position

  • Helps build responsibility; teaches about responsibility by depending on you; pets often fill this position
  • All roles are good at this

color bulletGrounding Group ~ teach lessons about being present

Humor Position

  • Laughter brings you into the Present � a very big service to humanity; teaches about attachment and release through laughter.
  • Some people use a public person for this position; it works best when it is a personal relationship
  • Sages are excellent at this

Discipline Position

  • Creates structure and organization; teaches us to think things through
  • Helps us clarify our values and beliefs
  • Kings, Warriors and some Scholars are good at this
  • Anyone with a Pragmatist Attitude or a Security Need is good at the Discipline position

Anchor Position

  • Acts as a safety net
  • Helps you find your grounding
  • Scholars do this well

color bulletSpiritual Lessons Group ~ teach lessons related to spirituality and healing

Healer Position

  • Helps you come into balance; could be a doctor or therapist � or whoever is there for you; reminds you that healing is possible
  • Artisans, Priests and Servers do this well

Enlightenment Position

  • Some enlightenment is present when you achieve higher states of consciousness
  • Our own higher self, our spirit guides, or the Michael entity (or other higher entities) can act as a Primary for this position.
  • A "channel" can act as a secondary enlightenment position
  • The person (essence or entity) holding this position for us does not have to be in a body

Muse Position

  • Teaches spiritual lessons about meaning or philosophy
  • The Michael Teaching or any religion can hold this position
  • Usually, it is a concept, rather than a single person
  • Elvis Presley fills this position for many people

color bulletPower ~ Our self

Power Position

  • The Self position is us � ourselves.
  • We hold the Power Position for our support group
  • We are most powerful when we are getting the support we need

color bullet Using the Support Circle and Positions:

Each person in the support provides assistance in a key area.  Jesus Christ and his 12 Apostles are an example of a Support Circle.  

The more positions in our Support Circle we have filled, the more powerful a person we are.  When someone leaves, it is important to fill their position in the Circle.  

Major shifts and internal monads usually destroy the circle and re-form it with other people.  Different people can occupy the position as secondary support.

In relationships, asking a mate to fill too many positions becomes very stifling � it is okay for them to fill 2 or 3 positions.  There should be at least someone in each support group (Intimates, Teacher, Grounding, Spiritual Lessons), although most people don�t have all support positions filled. 

The most powerful people have more positions filled.  During times of great change or turmoil, people may lose people in some groupings. 

In business situations, we usually work in groups of quadrants (4 people) and sextants (6 people), rather than a full support circle.

  Internet Resources

  • Article: August 2009:  Support  Circle: Anchor (Finding Support During Challenging Times) 

book graphic  Books

For more about the Support Circle and other Group Configurations, see Tao to Earth, Chapter 10:

  • Tao to Earth: Michael's Guide to Relationships and Growth. Jos� Stevens. Bear & Company, Albuquerque, NM. 1988. Available from Pivotal Resources, P.O. Box 272, Santa Fe, NM 87504-0272 (505) 982-8732.  

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Page updated: May 11, 2023


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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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