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Memorial to Sarah (McCord) Chambers
(November 30, 1937 - December 8, 1998)

One of the early Michael channels

We are greatly saddened at the passing of our good and loved friend, Sarah Chambers in Santa Fe, on December 8, 1998.  Apparently she died of a stroke in her car while parked at her apartment complex. 

Sarah was the original channel of the overleaf chart and much of the material in Messages from Michael and More Messages from Michael where she was referred to as Jessica Lansing, a name which incidentally, she despised.  

In the last weeks of her life Sarah was extraordinarily happy, excited about moving into her new house and looking forward to many projects.  It seems that her personality was ready to move to a new location and that her essence had a bigger move in mind.  Sarah made clear to us that her passing should be commemorated with a good old fashioned celebration with plenty of food and drink.  We are respectful of her choice about how and when she died and wish her well on her fabulous journey knowing quite well that in an eyeblink we'll be with her again in some fashion.  

We will miss her beaming smile and irreverent guffaw.  During her life she was a powerful advocate for aids patients and gay rights, a great organizer of the Oakland symphony orchestra, and of course launched an entire philosophical system. 

Sarah, we love you.  Bon voyage.

Sarah Chambers in partnership with her husband Dick Chambers, was the medium who channeled the original overleaf chart and the bulk of the earliest Michael information back in the late sixties and early seventies using the now defunct Ouija board.  

When a pioneer dies and when a founding father or mother of any philosophical system passes on, there are two possible scenarios that describe their legacy.  

One is that their work becomes neglected, gathers dust, and as time goes on is forgotten, maybe to be resurrected centuries later.  

The other scenario is that with their death, interest in what they helped to initiate explodes and becomes sought after by a great many people.  Although we cannot predict exactly what will take place, we can say that the highest probability at this time is that interest in the Michael Teaching will take off and become the philosophical system of choice for a huge number of people who had formerly no knowledge of it.  There is also the potential for much karma to be generated over differences in beliefs and approaches to the teachings as they become more widespread.  

In addition there is the potential of predators or parasites to the teaching that may wish to use it in ways it was never intended.  Perhaps we will discuss more about this at a later date. 

Because of these darker potentials, it is highly recommended that everyone be reminded of several important points to be reinforced many times over. 

  1. The teaching is for everyone and not owned by anyone.  There is no one true channel or official channel.  By the same token, not everyone who purports to channel Michael actually is doing so.  These people should be gently ignored or exposed through their inconsistencies with the actual teaching.   There is nothing wrong with peer pressure in regard to keeping the teaching clear. 

  2. The teaching holds the greatest truth for the greatest number of people when it maintains internal consistency.  That is, new information is consistent with the basics such as that its purpose is to promote unconditional acceptance of self and others.  That evolution is a long gradual process and there are no shortcuts on the road to cycling off so that soul ages and levels are not skipped over. 

  3. The teaching is above personality differences that sometimes result in conflicts or hard feelings between individuals. 

  4. The teaching is self-validating such that if information does not feel right or hold true for people, it may not be accurate or true for them. 

  5. The teaching be used to promote understanding and not used as a divisive measure to create hierarchy or judgementalness.  No one is more special or important than anyone else in the eyes of the Tao, regardless of soul age, role or personal status. 

  6. The teaching is above the personality distortions that creep into channeling by virtue of the channels' personality hopes and fears. 

  7. The teaching is independent from any one religious viewpoint or doctrine.

The challenges are great but then the times call for extraordinary new possibilities for cooperation and integrity.  

The Michael Teachings represent a great experiment in consciousness.  

  • Can a teaching exist that does not have the structure of a religion or government?  

  • Can a teaching exist where there is no pope or earthly head or central office? 

  • Can a teaching grow in a climate where there may be many abuses of the information by people's greed, denial, distortions, political agendas or quests for power? 

  • Can a teaching prosper in a climate where even older souls are heavily influenced by the need to make money to survive in a highly competitive young soul world philosophy? 

  • Is the world ready for a philosophy that indicates different soul levels without everyone clamoring to be at the highest levels as has already reared its ugly head in the ranks of the existing Michael community?

Sarah's friends here in Santa Fe and at the Animal Shelter where she worked as a volunteer have started a fund to keep a dog kennel in her memory.  Sarah loved animals - especially dogs - and was very involved with the animals at the shelter.  If you would like to make a contribution in her memory please send a check for any amount to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter in memory of Sarah Chambers and mail it to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, 1920 Cerillos Road, Santa Fe, NM, 87505.  If you would like more information about the program you can call or write Kate Rindy, the director at 505-983-4309.

Source: Tribute by Jose Stevens, Posted on the AMT (Association for Michael Teachings) website in December 1998.

Per Victoria Marina-Tompkins [May 2006 compilation of several different messages]:  

There is a photo of Sarah in the photos section at (link no longer valid).  It is in the bottom row on the left.  She was born 11/30/1937 [and died in 1998 on December 8, just shortly after her 61st birthday.]  

According to her astrology chart, she was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but there has been some speculation as to whether that is correct or not.  She did reenter the Michael teachings in January 1996 and was quite public until her death. 

Update 2011: Per public records, Sarah was born Sally Jo McCord on November 30, 1937 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She lived in Ohio, Michigan, Southern and Northern California, and Santa Fe New Mexico.  Using a Ouija board, Sarah Chambers brought through the entity we know today as "Michael" originally in August of 1973.  She had been meeting in a small study group along with Alice Hannah, their husbands (both named Richard), Dr. Eugene Trout and other close friends who were interested in more advanced spiritual study.  Friends invited friends to the groups.  Some stayed for a time and many others just passed through.  Over the years the group existed, the core of what has become known today as "the Michael Teachings" was revealed.  Alice Hannah, "secretary" for the original Michael study group in the early 1970's, kept the group's records and created transcripts of their sessions.  The information they brought forth provides the foundation of the body of knowledge that we study today, which has now expanded as more channels and teachers are trained and students develop more advanced skills.  As advanced students progress in their awareness and needs, new levels of information are being revealed that deepen and broaden the original work.  

In Michael language, Sarah Chambers was a 1st level Old Scholar, Idealist, Dominance, Observation, Moving Center with Intellectual Center trap, Arrogance and Impatience, Mercury/Saturn body type in Cadre 1, Entity 1.  Her husband Richard was a 2nd level Old Artisan, Stoic, Acceptance, Caution, Moving  Center with Emotional trap, Stubbornness, Mars/Jupiter body type.  Richard Chambers was born November 12, 1935 and died March 18, 2001.  

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