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Yucatan Peninsula

Chichen Itza: Temple of Kulculkan (c) Barbara Taylor 1997

March 5 - 12, 1997

color bulletYucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The energy of the Yucatan Peninsula is very balanced, supportive and soothing, with an overall focus on community. A great place to re-balance your energy and life goals.

Color bullet Axumel: A little village along the Mexican Caribbean coast, literally carved out of the jungle. Worth spending a day, if only to adapt to the climate of the Yucatan (hot, humid jungle).
Color bullet Tulum: Focus on new beginnings (1st chakra) and deep peace. The most prominent structure is El Castillo, built atop steep cliffs overlooking the beautiful water and beaches of the Caribbean Ocean. Several small sanctuaries on the grounds are totally peaceful, obviously the result of centuries of being used for mediation.
Color bullet Coba: Focus on female energy, community, creativity and nurturing (2nd chakra). Most of the open areas have a stela (stone slab containing carved information). Each area focuses on a different aspect (courtship, marriage, love, fertility, children, arts and crafts, music, cooking, etc.). The most prominent structure is Nohoch Mul Pyramid, with 120 steps, topped by a high energy temple. The jungle surrounding the ruins is clearly visible from the top, as are the large lakes on both sides. A remainder: The opposite of creativity is destruction. Just before we arrived at Coba, a nest belonging to killer bees (who act as temple guardians) were removed by someone who did not follow proper procedures. The bees - abruptly thrown out of their home - attacked everyone who tried to get close for quite a while afterward. The only way to survive major injury is to go into a very peaceful state; aggression (even in defense) further agitates them as we witnessed in one panic-stricken tourist who endangered everyone nearby.
Color bullet Chichen Itza: Focus on strong male energy (3rd chakra): power, abundance and freedom. The most prominent structure is the Temple of Kulculkan (see one of our photos above). This temple is probably the most recognized Mayan architecture seen by the general public. Climbing to the top is definitely worth the effort! It feels like the powerful wind could simply carry you off into space. According to legend, sacrificial rites were held at the Sacred Cenote (huge natural wells formed by the underground rivers of the Yucatan). 
Chichen Itza was the site of many rituals related to weather and seasons. The carved panels on the temple represent the multiple Mayan calendars (52-year cycle calendar, 18-month Ceremonial Calendar, the 365� day Solar Calendar and the 580-588 day Venus Calendar). The Mayans were very advanced in their understanding and recording of time and cycles. Another frequently photographed site is the Temple of the Warriors (or Temple of 1,000 Columns) representing the variety of people involved in a community.
Color bullet Merida: a busy city with fabulous market places for those who want some relief from the jungle.
Color bullet Sayil: A powerful nexus point for bringing male energy into balance with the heart (3rd and 4th chakra), especially in the raising of children and teaching children through an open heart. This area is an intersection of the energetic lay lines, creating a very strong energy vortex in the Temple of El Mirador, also known as the "lookout" because of its height and honeycombed wall. The 100-room Palace is reminiscent of Greek or Babylonian architecture, an unusual form of Mayan ruins.
Color bullet Labna: Focus on the heart (4th chakra), though not as strongly energetic as Sayil. A smaller Temple of El Mirador sits atop a very steep round base. The Arch of Labna is the largest and most ornate archway known to have been built by the Mayans.
Color bullet Uxmal: Focus on the heart, love and balance (4th chakra). The prominent structure is the Temple of the Magician, with 118 steps leading to the sanctuary at the top housing a very, very strong energy vortex. Visible from the top are quite a number of stunning examples of Mayan architecture, including the Governor's Palace and the Quadrangle of the Nunnery.
Color bullet Isla de Mujeres (Island of the Women): Focus on integration and the dark feminine energy (2nd, 4th and 6th chakras). The energy here is deeply soothing, yet at the same time, somehow unsettled. According to historians, this island was used exclusively by women for many generations for sacred rituals at the Temple of Ixchel, the Mayan Goddess of Creativity. It is only in the recent past that men have been allowed onto the island. An inscription on the tomb of buccaneer, Antonio de Mundaca, reads, "What I am, you shall be; what you are, I was." A reminder that this island has always been a mystical place.
Color bullet Our guides:
Quinto Sol, "Turismo Ecologico Mexicano" Mexico City (e-mail kintosol [at] and EcoColors ("Ecotourism in the Mayan World") Cancun (e-mail ecoco [at], web page)

The photo above is one we took on our trip. 

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Page updated: May 11, 2023

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The 10th Need: Mischief    :)

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