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Book Contents

Helping People Find Opportunities That Others Miss From cover: Income Without a Job

Throughout the book are methods to uncover hidden opportunities, with examples of people who did just that.  By the time you finish reading the book  probably before that you will start to see opportunities where ever you do.   If you open your mind to what we are saying, your life will be changed forever.  


Chapter 1: Understanding Money

  • Understanding debt
  • Changing your perception about money
  • It’s the emotions
  • Chapter Summary

Chapter 2: Defining Wealth

  • Seven steps to financial success
  • Money is global
  • Technology and reaching the world
  • How are you traveling – upstream or going with the flow?
  • Continuous income (or residual income)
  • What is a Tax Lien Investor?
  • Auctions
  • Affiliate sales programs
  • There are no secrets
  • Chapter Summary

Chapter 3: Designing Your Own "Dollar Developer" System

  • Recurring income criteria
  • Million dollar personal success plan
  • What to consider
  • Yield
  • Cheap in
  • What about employees?
  • Trend tracking
  • Getting started with continuous Income
  • Notes as a business
  • Begin at the beginning
  • Seven options to creating your own system
  • Chapter Summary

Chapter 4: The Network for You

  • The Manufacturer’s point of view
  • The Broker’s point of view
  • The history of direct selling methods
  • Network marketing grows up
  • Case Study: A hard-learned lesson
  • How network marketing really works
  • Seeing the world through new eyes
  • How does a big company profit from network marketing?
  • Organizational structure
  • Five criteria for evaluating network marketing companies
  • Five main reasons network marketers fail
  • Chapter Summary

Chapter 5: Getting There

  • Information Builders
  • Unique Marketing Position (UMP)
  • Getting started on the Internet
  • Getting people to stop by your website
  • Decision vs. action
  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Chapter Summary

Chapter 6: Licensing, Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents

  • Licensing opportunities
  • Copyrights
  • Where to look for opportunities
  • Licensing strategies
  • Melding concept
  • Five steps to get started in licensing
  • Chapter Summary

Chapter 7: Addressing Temporary Poverty

  • Barriers to success
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Ways to deal with your fears:
  • How to move forward
  • Exercise: Make a list
  • Get some help
  • What if your ambitions are not very grand?
  • Chapter Summary

Chapter 8: Working Your Style

  • Information Builders
  • Artisan Builders
  • Analytical Builders
  • Action Builders
  • Pay yourself first
  • Review your type
  • Personality styles
  • Clarity
  • What makes people successful?
  • Making space in your life for success
  • Who am I ?
  • Impact of change on others
  • Personal goals and achievement
  • Change is about choosing to change
  • Chapter Summary

Chapter 9: Making Income Recur

  • The world has changed
  • Diversify your income streams
  • 21 time saving tips for the 21st Century
  • Chapter Summary

Chapter 10: Marketing and e-Marketing

  • Definitions
  • Marketing & promotion: Basic principles
  • The marketing plan
  • Market plan questions and answers
  • Advertising, marketing, public relations and promotion
  • Marketing defined
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • How to go about marketing
  • e-Marketing — making the Internet work for you
  • Customer service
  • Chapter Summary

Chapter 11: Business Structure

  • Types of business organization
  • The bottom line
  • Chapter Summary
  • Exercise: The Ten Steps To Success

Chapter 12: Epilogue

Chapter 13: Resources

  • Books
  • Internet Resources

About the Book, Income Without a Job

  • Title: Income Without a Job — Format: 6x9 trade paperback edition, 261 pages.  Authors: Michael Jay Anthony, Barbara J. Taylor  ISBN: 978-0-557-00377-8 (soft cover/paperback), published September 25, 2008 by Lulu.  Also available now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  
  • Title: Income Without a Job — Format: 6x9 trade hardcover with case wrap cover, 261 pages.  Authors: Michael Jay Anthony, Barbara J. Taylor ISBN: 978-0-557-02213-7 (hard cover edition), published November 2008 by Lulu.  
  • Bookstores can order the book from Ingram distributors. 
  • Libraries can order via the Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN):  2008909491 (soft cover)
  • Read the story behind the book, Income Without a Job.
  • Look over the Table of Contents.
  • Take a peek inside (download a sample of the book, Income Without a Job).
  • Read about the authors
  • Who should buy this book :  Anyone who seeks ways to find additional income sources that fit with their own future goals. 


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