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Internet Privacy Policy From cover: Income Without a Job

Our Privacy Policy
About our Mailing Lists
How to change information on our mailing list
Location of our mailing lists 
About our Order Form
About our Survey Form
About our Internet Transmission Logs
Our Position on Junk e-mail (SPAM) - Legal Notice
To Mass Marketers
California Electronic Advertising Law
Washington Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act

Internet Resources

Our Privacy Policy

This web site does not use cookies or Java scripts.  Nor do we attempt to obtain information about any individual that visits our site unless they sign up for one of our mailing lists. 

About our Mailing Lists

If you chose to sign up for a mailing list (on any of the sites we host and maintain), how the information is used is described at the bottom of each site's mailing list form.  

We do require  a valid e-mail address so that we can send instructions for removing yourself from the list or changing your information.  You must supply your e-mail address; it does not come to us automatically.  If you do not supply a valid e-mail address, you will not hear from us.

All other information on the mailing list form is optional.

We started offering mailing list forms as a courtesy to our visitors after many people asked how they could get on our mailing list.  We send e-mail to people who SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list once a month.  The monthly e-mail message contains the current month's topic and a link to the topic. We do not send the entire article by e-mail.  

We rarely send information via U.S. mail because it is simply too expensive.

How to change information on our mailing list

The only information we maintain is what you send us plus other information to identify the mailing list, active/non-active status and related dates.  You may change any information via the mailing list form or by responding to the e-mail sent when you sign up for the mailing list.  If you supply an invalid e-mail address or your e-mail address becomes invalid at a later date, you will be removed from our mailing list. 

Where our mailing list resides

Our mailing list database is maintained on a separate computer, not on the web server.  Therefore, information about members of our mailing lists is not available in any way via the Internet.

About our Order Form

If you order via Lulu, we do not receive any of your credit card or bank information.  We do receive the amount of your order and your shipping information

About our Survey Form

Our survey form does not transmit any information about the person filling out the survey unless you supply your e-mail address. The survey form helps us gauge interest in current newsletter topics as well as suggestions for future topics.

About our Internet transaction logs

Our transactions logs show only the IP address of people who visit our site and which pages are visited.  For example, if you visit us via America Online, the IP address we see is for AOL. 

We do not collect e-mail addresses or any other personally identifying material via our transaction logs, in fact, they cannot be determined by our web hosting service.  The logs help us gauge interest and activity for our various web site pages and newsletter topics as well as help us plan for future improvements.

Our position on junk e-mail (SPAM)

We do not send unsolicited spam mail.  We send a return e-mail to those people who  check the SUBSCRIBE option when they sign up for a mailing list.  That e-mail acknowledges that they have signed up for a list and includes all the information they entered into the online form.  It also contains instructions for making changes or leaving the list.  

To send monthly e-mail notices of the current newsletter topic, we use a program called WorldMerge from Colorado Soft.  This method sends each e-mail separately to protect each person's privacy.  

To mass marketers: DO NOT send us junk mail, e-mail or fax of any kind without our permission!  We probably DO NOT want whatever you are selling.   

We expect and appreciate the same courtesy from others.  Since we are residents of the State of Washington, we are covered by the State's anti-spam laws.  In addition, our e-mail servers reside in California, which also has anti-spam laws.  You have been warned.  

We use several effective spam mail filters and report offenders to an international database. 

California Electronic Advertising Law

The State of California has enacted a law effective January 1, 1999 regulating electronic transmissions (e-mail and fax) of advertising messages to residents of the state. 

AB 1676, Chapter 805 (Debra Bowen, D-Marina del Rey) requires senders of unsolicited e-mail advertisements ("spam") and fax messages to provide a toll-free telephone number or e-mail address to be removed and prohibits the sender from sending additional spam if the recipient asks the sender to stop.  Senders may incur significant fines if they refuse to obey the law.  The US Congress is considering similar laws.

Washington Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act

The state of Washington has an anti-spam law that prohibits false, deceptive or misleading e-mail sent to Washington residents.  The State of Washington is backing up their law by lawsuits against those who send such messages.

RCW 19.190.030: Unpermitted or misleading electronic mail � Violation of consumer protection act.  

See http://www.atg.wa.gov/InternetSafety/Spam.aspx for the Washington Consumer Protection Division of the State Attorney's Office and how to file a complaint. 

Internet Resources

  The Privacy Partnership
  The Campaign to Stop Junk E-mail
The Internet Free Speech Online Blue Ribbon Campaign  

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